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SMICoP Ltd Members

This page provides details on SMICoP Ltd, including a list of the Members of SMICoP Ltd.

What is SMICoP Ltd?

The SMICoP itself has no framework agreement within it with regards to how the costs of administering the code are met. In order to ensure the Code Administrator and Auditor are in place, SMICoP Ltd was established for it’s Members to prepare, manage and fund these activities.

SMICoP Ltd is essentially the corporate vehicle responsible for ensuring the proper, effective and efficient implementation and ongoing management of the Code. The company’s role is to administer SMICoP and undertake any development activities required by the industry within the scope of the Code. SMICoP Ltd delivers this requirement through an outsourced commercial service contract with ElectraLink Limited.​

The SMICoP Ltd Articles of Association are available on the Guidance, Forms and Templates page of the website. These set out the rules of operation for the Company.

Do I need to become a SMICoP Ltd Member?

It is mandatory that all SMICoP Members with more than 50,000 Customers (being Domestic Customers and/or Micro Business Customers) become a SMICoP Ltd Member. For Suppliers with less than 50,000 customers, becoming a Member is optional.

How Do I become a Member?

To become a SMICoP Ltd Member please complete a SMICoP Ltd Application form and SMICoP Supplier Constituency Self-Declaration form. These are available on the Guidance, Forms and Templates page.

How are the costs of SMICoP Ltd allocated across members?

SMICoP Ltd costs are distributed based on market share, with the customer numbers declared in your Self-Declaration form used as the basis for calculations.