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SMICoP Ltd Members

SMICoP A1.1 regarding SMICoP Code Members states that:

(a) Members meet all obligations imposed under Standard Licence Condition 41 and/or 42 of its Electricity Supply Licence and/or Standard Licence Condition 35 and/or 36 of its Gas Supply Licence through compliance with the Code;

(b) at any given time, the members supply either gas or electricity (or both) to more than 50,000 Customers (being Domestic Customers and/or Micro Business Customers); and

(c) is not a member of the Company,

must, within 30 working days of meeting criteria (b), have made an application (in accordance with the Articles of Association) to become a member of the Company.

Once a Code Member has breached the threshold, the Code Administrator should be notified via email at

The form is titled ‘SMICoP Ltd Member Application Form’ and you can find it here.