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SMICoP Code Members

The table below details the names, registration numbers and constituencies (in accordance with Clause B1.3.5.4) for each of the SMICoP Code Members that have signed up to adhere to the Code.

In addition, the table highlights the Members that have Self-Certified (in accordance with Clause B3.2) that they have processes in place to comply with all relevant clauses of the Code.

SMICoP Code Members are only obliged to comply with the SMICoP, and thus annually Self-Certify, if they are installing Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specification (SMETS) compliant meters. All SMICoP Code Members are required to submit the Self-Declaration form annually.

If you would like further information on acceding to the Code as a Member or the annual Self-Certification and Self-Declaration processes, please email us at

SMICoP Code Members

Name Constituency Company Number Self Certified Modified
SOCIAL ENERGY SUPPLY LTDSmall Supplier10300609-01/08/2019
BRYT ENERGY LIMITED-10167351-01/08/2019
Total Gas and Power---01/08/2019
Pure PlanetSmall Supplier9735688-01/08/2019
Igloo EnergySmall Supplier9812716-01/08/2019
Green Network EnergySmall Supplier9523066-01/08/2019
Octopus Energy LtdSmall Supplier9263424-01/08/2019
Haven PowerMicro-Business Supplier5893966-01/08/2019
Tonik Energy Ltd-9812673-01/08/2019
TOTO Energy-9256482-01/08/2019