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SMICoP Archive

The Smart Meter Installation Code of Practice (SMICoP) has closed, and been replaced by the Retail Energy Code (REC).

Until 31 August 2021 SMICoP specified the minimum standards in relation to the Customer facing aspects of the installation of Smart Metering Systems.​ After 1 September 2021 these obligations sit under the Retail Energy Code (REC).

Queries about Smart Meter installation standards and the current regulations can be directed via the REC Portal Alternatively the REC Service Desk can be reached via or 0800 640 4300


This section contains previous versions of the SMICoP. Please click here to go to the current version of the agreement.

You can access the previous versions by clicking on the version number. You can similarly access the Change Requests that were implemented by each version.

SMICoP Archive

Version Name Date Published File Size Change Requests Implemented
7.2SMICoP v7.201/06/20211,002.06 KB-
7.1SMICoP v7.101/03/2021998.37 KB-
7.0SMICoP v7.004/01/20211,001.78 KB-
6.5SMICoP v6.528/01/20201,005.70 KB-
6.3SMICoP V6.303/12/20191.43 MBCR061
6.2SMICoP V 6.208/11/20191.16 MBCR058
6.1SMICoP 6.117/07/2019--
6SMICoP V6.001/03/20191,007.00 KBCR054
5.3SMICoP v5.329/06/2018991.45 KBCR051
5.2SMICoP v5.201/06/2018997.79 KBCR047, CR050, CR052