Clauses Not Applicable to Micro-Businesses

Here is a summary of the omissions. These relate to Appendix A1 of SMICoP. Clicking the options below will take you to the relevant part of the Code.
Clause Description Suppliers are not required to tailor awareness and communications material for Vulnerability for Micro Business Customers
2.6.8 The Suppliers of Micro Business Customer’s are not required to cater for Vulnerability. Providing training to Installers on Vulnerability would be on a voluntary basis
2.7.3 A Micro Business Customer can be charged up-front for the Smart Metering System. Suppliers of Micro Business Customers do not have licence obligations to identify and report on Vulnerability
2.7.11, There is no obligation to alert Micro Business Customers to the Member’s password scheme
3.3.12 The Installer is expected to take all reasonable endeavours to minimise the impact on the resident at the site if they have specific needs or are identified as Vulnerable
3.5.1 An IHD does not have to be offered to Micro Business Customers