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Change Requests

CR065 - Requirement to Obtain SMICoP Self-Declarations in 2021

  • CP Number CR065
  • Raised Date 29/10/2020
  • Expected Implementation Date 01/03/2021
  • Status Implemented
  • Urgent Yes
  • Last Updated 05/03/2021
  • Consent Granted Yes
  • Secretariat Support Anastasis Alexnadrou
  • Change Proposer Neel Pattni
  • Synopis

    This Change Request seeks to change the requirement to obtain Self-Declarations from SMICoP Members in 2021. The obligations of SMICoP are moving to the Retail Energy Code (REC) three months after the due date. Removing this obligation would allow SMICoP Parties to focus resource on REC compliance ramp up.

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