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CR041 - Install and Leave Amendments

  • CP Number CR041
  • Proposing Company EDF Energy
  • Raised Date 01/01/1970
  • Implementation Date 20/07/2017
  • Status Implemented
  • Urgent Yes
  • Last Updated 18/07/2019
  • Consent Granted Yes
  • Synopis

    At its May 2016 SMICoP Governance Board meeting, BEIS provided an overview of the Install and Leave policy set out for the smart meter rollout period, which is due to be split into reactive and proactive approaches. It was agreed that this policy would impact SMICoP and as such the Install and Leave Working Group was initiated to ensure SMICoP does not contradict with the regulations that would come into effect and to ensure SMICoP has the required flexibility for Suppliers to remain compliant.

    In September 2016, BEIS issued their consultation on the Smart Energy Code and Licence Conditions, which included the Install and Leave Licence Condition changes. The Install and Leave Working Group noted the consultation and considered the implications of the Install and Leave (I&L) policy on each of the SMICoP Clauses.

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