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Change Requests

CR036 - Enshrine the Monitoring Compliance Customer Survey SMICoP Section C

  • CP Number CR036
  • Raised Date 18/08/2016
  • Implementation Date 28/11/2016
  • Status Implemented
  • Urgent Yes
  • Last Updated 18/07/2019
  • Consent Granted Yes
  • Synopis

    Since the Authority designation of the Smart Metering Installation Code of Practice (SMICoP) in June 2013, the SMICoP Governance Board have been fulfilling their obligation to ensure that they develop and implement a defined specification for Suppliers to follow (as set out in SMICoP Section B 3.4.5).
    The SGB convened special Working Groups, initially separate groups for Domestic and Microbusiness, but latterly a Joint Domestic and Microbusiness Working Group, to develop and recommend a combined “Monitoring and Compliance Customer Survey Specification” to the SGB. The SGB have therefore developed and approved a combined “Monitoring and Compliance Customer Survey Specification” for use by Suppliers.
    This development has been undertaken outside of provisions set out under SMICoP Change Management. Evolving and changing as pilots, trials and experience have led the Working Group/SGB to amend the specification. The specification is live (version 0.6 at the time of raising this Change Request) and the specification is reaching a stable state. However the specification is an artefact approved by SGB, but not currently a formal Code artefact following SMICoP Change Management.
    With three years passing since Code designation by OFGEM (June 2013) a refresh of Section B3.4, to reflect the development of a specification, would seem appropriate to ensure it is up to date and reflective of developments.