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CR042 - Enabling Alternate IHD Trial Derogation application use in SMICoP

  • CP Number CR042
  • Raised Date 05/05/2017
  • Implementation Date 20/07/2017
  • Status Implemented
  • Urgent Yes
  • Last Updated 18/07/2019
  • Consent Granted Yes
  • Synopis

    BEIS have determined that it is an appropriate time for the Smart Metering implementation programme to research potential alternatives to the mandated In Home Display (IHD); they have determined specific trials may be run by permitted Suppliers. To be able to run a trial BEIS have approved trial proposals and give each successful Supplier a derogation against;
    • the Electricity Act 1989 Standard conditions of electricity supply licence clauses 40.1 and 40.6 and;
    • the Gas Act 1986 Standard conditions of gas supply licence clauses 34.1 and 34.6;
    using their powers granted under paragraphs 40.10 and 34.12 respectively.
    However, BEIS are only able to provide derogation against one set of obligations in Licence, but not to provide derogation against the Licence/Code obligation to offer an IHD to each Domestic Customer when installing the first Smart Metering System.
    SGB and the SMICoP “IHD Alternative Trial” Working Group looked into potential issues a SMICoP Member might face if applying a Trial derogation, to determine and recommend any appropriate changes to SMICoP.
    Issues this change seeks to resolve to allow for the trial without making a Supplier in breach of SMICoP when they do apply their derogation;
    • Introducing the concept to SMICoP of an “Alternate IHD Trial” and any trial derogation granted to a Supplier and that any trial may include a control group who receive an IHD as per any non trial Domestic Smart Installation Customer can.
    • Allow a Supplier applying their “Alternate IHD Trial” derogations to not apply two of their SMICoP obligations when carrying out a smart installation for trial Customers (trial Customers who are additionally not part of a control group receiving an IHD). The SMICoP obligations not to be applied are;
    o the “offer” of an IHD (A3.5) and,
    o including these customers as part of the list of completed smart installations, as part of the monitoring compliance Customer Survey (as set out in SMICoP B3.4 and C respectively).

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