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Change Requests

CR048 - Amendments to the SMICoP Customer Survey Specification

  • CP Number CR048
  • Proposing Company EDF Energy
  • Raised Date 01/01/1970
  • Implementation Date 06/10/2017
  • Status Implemented
  • Urgent Yes
  • Last Updated 18/07/2019
  • Consent Granted Yes
  • Synopis

    This change seeks to make following amendments:
    •Section 7 (Reporting) to state that customers’ personal data is not to be provided to the Code Administrator within the free text responses to ensure that customer data is protected; and
    •A change of wording to Appendix B of both the Domestic and Micro-Business Customer Survey Specifications to clarify that the checksum calculations should include sub-questions (e.g. 5a and 5b) and should exclude demographic questions.
    •Updating Domestic Question 3 to enable flexibility around the term energy.
    In addition, the survey specification has been slim lined to avoid duplicated clauses between the domestic and microbusiness aspects.