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Change Request Process

Raising a SMICoP Change Request

Changes to the SMICoP can be raised by:

  • Any licensed electricity or gas supplier of Domestic and Micro Business customers
  • Citizens Advice

To raise a Change Request please complete the proforma on the Guidance and Templates page and email it to

The Change Advisory Group

Once a Change Request is received, it will be sent to the Change Advisory Group (CAG) email distribution list. This group consists of organisations from the following categories:

  • licensed electricity and gas supplier of Domestic and Micro Business customers
  • Citizens Advice
  • Ofgem
  • Meter Operators
  • Network Operators
  • Any other recipients approved by the SMICoP Governance Board

Members of the CAG are invited to review the Change Request and provide their feedback on it.

If you would like to join the CAG please email

The SMICoP Governance Board Decision

The feedback received from the CAG is reviewed by the SMICoP Governance Board (SGB). The SGB is formed of representatives from:

  • Large Suppliers
  • Small Domestic Suppliers
  • Micro Business Suppliers
  • Citizens Advice

Suppliers constituencies are based on the submission of annual Self-Declaration forms.​

Taking into account the feedback it has received, the SGB will make a decision on whether to accept or reject the proposal. If it is accepted, they will also set the implementation date.

Alternatively, the SGB may feel that there are issues or improvements that could be made to the Change Request. In this case, the Change Request will be further refined and then re-submit to the CAG distribution list to go back through the process.

Change Approval/Rejection

Once the SGB has made a decision on whether to approve or reject a Change Request, all organisations on the CAG distribution list will be notified of the SGB’s recommendation. Following this notification being issued:

  • Supplier organisations and Citizens Advice then have a 10 working day window to put forward representations together with the rationale for these representations (for example, if they disagree with the SGB recommendation)
  • Ofgem have a 30 working day window to issue its decision on whether to approve or reject the proposal, taking into account any representations made.

Should Ofgem not issue a decision within 30 working days or provide notice that additional time to consider the Change Request is needed, then the recommendation of the SGB shall apply.

Approved Change Requests will then be implemented on the agreed release date.

The Change Calendar

The steps described above occur in accordance with a defined timetable which is updated each year to align to scheduled SGB meeting dates. You can find the latest Change Calendar towards the bottom of the Change Register Page.