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Change Request Register – Archive​

This page lists the Change Requests that have already been considered and have been subject to a final decision. Please click on the Change Request title to view details of the Change Request. Current Change Requests can be viewed  here.

Number Title Status Implementation Date
CR020ASMICoP Gas Safe Registration Verification Mechanism for CustomersImplemented30/11/2015
CR022Remove reference to DBS and replace with Disclosure ScotlandImplemented30/11/2015
CR038Amendments to SMICoP Change ProcessImplemented27/01/2017
CR001Clarify ability to provide written marketing materialsImplemented13/02/2015
CR036Enshrine the Monitoring Compliance Customer Survey SMICoP Section CImplemented28/11/2016
CR044SMICoP Housekeeping AmendmentsImplemented01/02/2018
CR052General Data Protection Regulation Compliance for SMICoPImplemented01/06/2018
CR050SMICoP Housekeeping AmendmentsImplemented01/06/2018
CR043AAlternative Supplier Constituency AmendmentsImplemented01/02/2018
CR049Energy Efficiency Guidance AmendmentImplemented27/02/2018